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Integrated marketing and communication is our passion

Customers are the source of real growth. At Z2A, we combine real customer insights with 14 years of experience in marketing, communication and brand development to help our clients create sustainable growth. We start with the end result in mind, working from the preferred outcome backwards.

What we do

Z2A Village is an integrated marketing and communication consulting firm. Working from the desired outcome backwards allows us to guide complex processes simply and achieve the best possible returns for our clients. With our team of experts, Z2A brings depth of experience in the following areas:

  • Strategy: Within the broader context of business strategy, we focus our expertise in the integrated fields of communication, brand and marketing. Our aim is to help businesses align their marketing and brand strategy with overarching business objectives.
  • Event management: Hosting an atmospheric event to launch your new product or service can be a powerful catalyst in any business. Detailed planning and organisation are key components to success, allowing people to experience your brand seamlessly.
  • Visual communication: The imagery of your business speaks volumes about your company. We assist clients to align this message with their strategic objectives.
  • Online presence: Digital platforms form a critical channel for providing your clients with information and services. We help clients establish a differentiated online presence with a strong website and social media strategy.
  • Culture & internalisation: A healthy, productive work environment is a visible extension of your business strategy. We work with companies to design and develop a workplace culture to engage co-workers with the company’s vision.

Client results

We share our clients’ ambitions. We work to understand their reality and deliver true results – focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions. We align our incentives with our clients’ objectives, so they know we’re in it together. Read the results stories below to see how we’ve helped clients realise, and often exceed, their objectives.


Audi Centre launches the new A8

At the heart of every Audi lives the slogan, Vorsprung Durch Technik. These three words encapsulate the Audi philosophy of progress, innovation… a forward thinking ability to anticipate the needs of rapidly changing times by consistently creating cars that evolve with humankind.


WallArt introduces 3D wall panels in South Africa

WallArt embossed panels give an extra dimension to your walls and they fit in almost every space. Whether a bedroom, hotel lounge, office reception or retail space – WallArt catches the eye and brings your walls to life.


Free State Development Corporation (FDC) opens Vehicle Distribution Centre

“The Vehicle Distribution Centre will not only translate into a substantial economic injection for the local community, but also assist greatly in the government’s efforts to move cargo from road to rail.”

Our team

We work as an integrated part of your team to deliver true results for sustainable growth. Our dedicated group of experts encourages authenticity, continuous development, deepening their roots and stretching boundaries.

Wium Adendorff

Wium Adendorff

Certified Public Relations Practitioner (CPRP), M.A. Contemporary Political History (Cum Laude), M.B.A.*

Wium is the founder of Z2A and has been the driving force behind the business since 2000. He is passionate about the integration and interrelationship between marketing, communication and brand development in building a business, loves the outdoors, good food and wine, inspiring stories and stimulating conversation.

Carine Botha

Carine Botha

B.Com. Marketing, Diploma Graphic Design & Photography, IPSA Packaging Technology Diploma

Carine is interested in the different aspects of advertising. She is very creative and enjoys conceptualising new and innovative designs. She likes to work “out of the box”.

Gert Theron

Gert Theron

Gert is a knowledge junkie and wants to know everything about anything. He enjoys taking control of the office administration and loves to work with people.